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How to Know You're Ready to Say Yes to the Dress

You may have pictured your Say Yes to the Dress moment as something climactic and emotional, filled with tears and surrounded by family and friends. You may be hunting down the exact dress you pinned to your wedding Pinterest board. You may be hesitant for the whole dress shopping experience to come to an end. There’s a plethora of factors that go into feeling ready to say yes, and this guide aims to break down the feelings, the logistics, and the myths of the moment.

Trust Your Gut

You might be expecting a big burst of emotions when you try on the wedding dress that’s the one. It’s normal to cry, but it’s also incredibly normal not to cry. Pop culture has taught us that it’s not our dress unless everyone in the room is sobbing, but that’s a myth. You might cry, but you might also just know. You could feel peaceful, emotional, but most of all, you’ll feel happy.

Expectations vs. Reality

A lot of people go into the wedding dress shopping experience with an idea of what their dream dress looks like and end up saying yes to something entirely different. If you find yourself falling in love with a dress that doesn’t fit in with the other gowns on your Pinterest board, it can be scary to say yes. What if you regret your decision, and end up asking yourself “what if” questions on the day of? Whether you’ve tried on dresses similar to those you envision yourself wearing or not, there’s a reason you would keep going back to a different-looking dress. Chances are that it just might be the one!

Don't Get Overwhelmed

We know, it sounds easier than it is, but there’s hundreds of thousands of dresses out there (our store has over 600 options by itself!), and after you’ve tried on around ten, they all start to blend together and look the same. It’s easy to get caught up in feelings of wanting to know what else is out there, but once you’ve found your favorite, you’ll just be looking for that dress in other stores. Save your energy for the long list of to-dos that come with wedding planning! Even if it’s your first appointment and you don’t want it to be over, it’s okay to say yes.

The Timeline

If you’re hesitant to say yes, it’s easy to put off the decision as long as possible. It’s even easier to wait on getting your dress if you have a long engagement. However, bridal timelines are drawn out– you have to plan ahead big time. Most designers’ shipping times fall between 6 and 8 months, and seamstresses want at least 2 to 3 months to work on your dress. If you think you found your dress, it’s best to get ahead of the timelines and say yes. Additionally, designers can discontinue dresses at short notice due to fabric shortages. Your bridal consultants will warn you if they get news that your dress is on an upcoming discontinued list, but oftentimes they don’t get more than a 2 week heads-up.

My Loved Ones Don't Love It

One of the major factors that influence whether a bride is sure their dress is the one is the approval of their friends and family. If you feel beautiful, you want those closest to you to agree. However, sometimes they root for a dress that isn’t your favorite. This can make the shopping experience stressful instead of fun, but it’s important to stand your ground. After all, it’s your dress and wedding, not theirs. In the bridal industry, we’ve seen what happens when a bride says yes to a dress that their entourage likes instead of the dress they like, and disappointment comes quickly. Though tricky to navigate, it’s best for all involved to stay true to yourself and say yes to the dress that makes you happy.

How Do You Feel?

The best advice for a soon-to-be bride searching for their wedding dress would be to pay attention to how you feel in the dresses you try on. Feeling confident and beautiful in the dress you pick is paramount. You don’t want insecurities floating in the back of your mind on the big day. If comfort is important to you, be careful. A lot of stunning dresses can be very itchy or hot or hard to move in. But the most important thing to recognize is how happy you feel in the dresses you’re trying. Your dress will make you feel giddy. You won’t want to take it off. The dress you feel the happiest in is the dress that is for you!

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