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Tips for Choosing First Dance Songs

When planning a wedding, you usually imagine how things will look: the flowers, mantels, the dress. But when choosing songs, you must imagine music, movement and mood. Choosing the First Dance Songs is unlike selecting the party's DJ. These songs are symbolic and meaningful.

After all, they are meant to dance with the ones you love the most.

With all the music that exists today, choosing can be overwhelming. But some tips will help and show you that it is more about choosing with your heart.

1. For the First Dance as a Married Couple

Many wedding traditions have grown, except for the couple’s first dance. Couples tend to choose this song together. Here’s the thing, it doesn’t have to be strictly about love. It can be a part of a memory of you two going on a trip, a song that reminds you of how you met. Think about a tune that flows between you and matches the tempo and choreography you have in mind.

If you have a strong wedding theme, you can find a song that matches it. For example, consider an acoustic or folksy track if you have a country theme. For a more evening, a classic tune like Ray Charles’s song.

2. For the Bride & Dad Dance

When dancing with parents, a good tip is to choose something classical. Consider the age gap, finding something to make you both feel comfortable. Your dad’s perspective is important: he’s giving away his little girl. Many meaningful songs are about a relationship with someone who will never leave you alone.

A good tip is to take dance classes together. It will not only give you quality time with your dad, but it will also give you a better picture of what you want for the special day: something slow or upbeat.

3. For the Groom & Mom Dance

If you are a groom looking for a song to dance with Mom, the best thing you can do is directly ask her! It’s a tradition that the bride and dad dance is the main one, so your mom will be happy to know you’re going to make your dance with her special.

Talk about your childhood. Was there a song you both couldn’t stop singing? Did you ever go to a concert together? There are also tons of songs with women’s names so you can find some inspiration there.

Choosing the first dance songs can feel like a pressure-filled decision, but the best part is that: there are no rules! Slow or upbeat, traditional or not, the best thing about music is feelings and creating everlasting memories. So sit down, and start listening to your favorite playlists.

Written by Geraldine Orentas in partnership with silverware wholesaler, Silver Superstore.

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