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Including Dad in Your Wedding Festivities

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

The traditional role for fathers in wedding ceremonies is in “giving the bride away.” But times have changed and modern wedding ceremonies don’t always incorporate Dad in the nuptials. That doesn’t mean, however, that fathers, stepfathers, or other father figures that have played significant parts of either the bride or groom’s lives can’t be included in your wedding experience. If you’re looking for a way to make dear old dads a part of your wedding, here are some ideas on how to involve them.

  1. A little Dad planning: What is your father’s wheelhouse? Does he like to cook, build, garden? You can find ways to utilize his strengths in your wedding planning. Have him help with the menu for your event or pick the wines? Maybe ask him to build something for the event or arrange flowers if he has a green thumb. Another way to incorporate him in the planning is to ask him to pick readings for the ceremony or to write an announcement to be included in the local papers. One easy way to make Dad part of the planning is to engage his protective instincts by asking him to review contracts and documents.

  2. Make Dad part of the ceremony: You don’t have to hold a traditional ceremony to make your father a part of the ceremony. Dad can officiate the wedding, act as best man/bridesman, become the ringbearer, or usher guests. If your father has a special skill, why not ask him to utilize it as part of the nuptials. He could play a song or sing a favorite tune, recite a poem, offer a special reading. You can even include him as part of the ceremony even if he is reluctant or has passed away by including something meaningful to him as part of the ceremony. Some brides and grooms, for example, will make a meaningful object part of their bouquet or an element of their dress.

  3. A special Dad gesture: There are plenty of ways to remind fathers they are a special part of your big day. You can, for example, incorporate a part of their family heritage as part of the celebrations. Try creating a special cocktail named after your father or incorporating a favorite food in the menu. You can give Dad a special shout out in a toast or include a favorite fatherly quote in your ceremony. One very special way to make Dad feel special is to write him a personal note that you can give to him before the ceremony or can ask someone to slip to him afterward.

  4. Set aside Dad time: One sure way to make Dad feel special is to find some private time with him around the nuptials. If you have time, setting aside a Dad day to do something the two of you have always treasured will definitely make him feel part of the celebrations. Even a little alone time before the event, such as morning coffee with Dad or a special Dad only reveal of the bride/groom (be sure to have your photographer in on this) on the big day, will remind him of how special he is.

Written by Ivan Young in partnership with IMS Bolt MRO equipment and supplies

Header Photo by PB&J Studios

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